In a heartwarming video making the rounds online, a woman, with the help of two kind officers, surprises her partner with news that she's with child.

In the video, the couple gets pulled over for having "a child in the car with no child seat." The man in the car becomes confused, looking in the back seat and informing the officer that there is no child on board.

"Are positive about this? Are you saying I goofed?" asks the officer, pointing to a woman in the passenger seat holding up a positive pregnancy test.

"We do have a child in the car with no car seat," says the woman.

The man, speechless, is told by the officer, "I think that means you're going to be a daddy, buddy."

"Awesome," says the surprised man. "This is awesome."

Then the surprise gets even more "awesome."

A second officer hands over a gift bag to the woman through the passenger window. The bag contains a teddy bear with a message that reads, "Dad, see you on your birthday."

"I'm due on your birthday," says the woman, again leaving her lover in blissful shock.

"This is awesome," says the father, holding up an "I love my amazing daddy" baby onesie.

After the helpful officers wish the two congratulations and leave, the couple embraces.

"I'm happy," the man tells his expecting, thoughtful partner.