“The Russians will be back [in 2018],” said Sen. Mark Warner (D-VA) on Sunday’s State of the Union in an interview with Jake Tapper:

But we have got to be ready in 2018, because the one thing we've heard consistently is, the Russians will be back.

And, Jake, what bothers me is, because the president won't acknowledge this attack, we don't have a whole government response. For example, 21 states, the Russians attempted to hack into their electoral system. But we hear from secretaries of state, Democrat and Republican, that they have not been notified by DHS.

I don't think that makes the country safer, by not notifying the states that were attacked and not making sure we're better prepared in 2018.

Advancing the narrative of “election hacking” via the Russian state, Warner signalled that Democrats and their news media allies must continue pushing the aforementioned narrative through the 2018 congressional elections.

Warner could not provide evidence of criminality on the part of President Donald Trump or the president’s political associates with respect to the “collusion” narrative when invited to do so by Tapper:

I'm not going to get into what evidence we have seen. … We have got more investigation to do, to look into.

Without evidence, both Tapper and Warner stated as a matter of fact that Trump's presidential campaign was supported both privately and through active political measures by the Russian government.

Watch some of Warner's comments below.

The Russian state operates "fake Twitter accounts" which sought to undermine Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign for the purpose of advancing the Trump campaign. Tapper did not inquire about Astroturf politicking — mostly on the internet — run by the Clintons or their left-wing and Democrat allies.

Warner called for the federal government to investigate technology companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google in order to combat what he alleged was a widespread internet-based disinformation campaign waged by the Russian state to damage Democrats' political fortunes.

Tapper did not ask for a deadline of the ostensible “investigation” headed by Special Counsel Robert Mueller, nor did he inquire about its budgetary limits or judicious use of taxpayer money toward its funding. He has never asked what alleged crime(s) is/are being being investigated by Mueller.

Tapper has never asked for evidence or probable cause related to the commission of any crime as a justification for the ostensible “investigation” headed by Mueller. He regularly accepts premises regarding “election hacking” and related narratives.

Tapper presents himself as a politically objective and non-partisan news media figure. CNN similarly markets itself as a politically objective and non-partisan news media outlet, billing itself as “The Most Trusted Name In News.”

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