The mainstream media was positively giddy.

"6 months in, a record low for Trump, with troubles from Russia to health care," ABC News wrote Sunday.

"Poll finds Trump’s standing weakened since springtime," The Washington Post said.

"Poll: Trump's six-month approval rating hits historic low," Politico reported.

All were citing a new poll by (try to guess who: you'll never guess) — The Washington Post and ABC News!

Of course, as usual, the pollsters skewed heavily for Democrats and "independents": In its final question, "Generally speaking, do you usually think of yourself as a ..." the numbers were — Democrats, 33%; Republican, 26%; independent, 34%.

So with the poll "finding" Trump's approval rating at 36%, that means Trump won a combined 10% from Democrats and independents. Not too shabby. Another pollster put Trump approval at 43%, so it's hard to know objectively — and remember, nearly all the pollsters got the 2016 election wrong, so they're not so reliable.

But something a bit more reliable might be the reaction President Trump receives nearly every place he goes.

Take this last weekend. Trump dropped into the Women's U.S. Open in New Jersey. And they treated him like a rock star. In New Jersey!

On Friday, just back from a whirlwind trip to Paris, Trump swung by the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster to catch the LPGA's premiere event. He popped into a glass-enclosed viewing area near the 15th hole where he could watch the action live.

People mobbed the area. They snapped photos, waved (many hoisting "Make America Great Again" hats), cheered — so much so that marshals on the course had to quiet them down so as not to disturb the golfers.

When Trump left for the day, he was cheered again, Andrew Restuccia, a Politico reporter, wrote in a pool report.

"As he exited, a man yelled, 'that's my president!' Another exclaimed, 'thank you!' A crowd of several dozen people gathered on the balcony of the golf club's clubhouse and waved as POTUS departed."

Trump swung by the event again on Saturday, arriving at 2:30 p.m. Reported Restuccia: "People yelled, 'I love you!' as he entered a glass-enclosed viewing area near the 15th hole. The president waved."

POTUS spoke with Suzann Pettersen in the glass-enclosed viewing area for about 10 minutes. Pettersen was ID'd by several photographers, and your pooler (who knows nothing about golf) has confirmed it was her.

POTUS gave Pettersen a blue "Make America Great Again" hat. She held the hat up and the crowd cheered. He kissed her on both cheeks when they greeted each other.

Pettersen is a Norwegian golfer who is playing in this weekend's tournament.

The scene got wilder.

The president's presence in the viewing stand briefly brought parts of the site to a near standstill as people crowded to places where they could watch him. They keep waving, he keeps turning around to wave back. Organizers then put in place a rule that people could stand at a rope line for five more minutes only. One creative family managed to use a selfie stick to pose in front of the viewing box and include the president in their background. The rope line dispersed within the allocated five minutes.

And wilder.

Small item of note: the location of the president's box has set up a somewhat odd situation where people watching him have their backs to play around the 15th hole. As Andrew said, sometimes their excitement has created noise that's irked fans, who note things like "Quiet! Jesus, we're on a golf course."

The reporter noted in another report: "One onlooker got emotional when she spotted the president, wiping away tears from her eyes."

Golfers clearly enjoyed the high profile the tournament was enjoying with a visit from the president — the first to ever attend a women's golf tournament. Said Lexi Thompson: "I don't feel extra pressure at all. This is his golf course. It's cool to have the President of the United States."

"That was kind of what intrigued me to start the week was that we had never had an active sitting president at one of our events," Stacy Lewis said. "So I was kind of excited about the prospect of, regardless of who it is, that he came here to watch us. He Tweeted about coming to the U.S. Women's Open. Some people didn't know it was going on. It's kind of a historic and cool moment to have our president here."

Trump had so much fun he's going back for more.