After years of systematic abuses of the constitutional rights of Berkeley’s conservative students, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro announced with YAF and the Berkeley College Republicans that he would be coming to Berkeley on the 14th of September.

​To the surprise of no one familiar with the publication, the day after the announcement that Shapiro was coming to Berkeley, the university's taxpayer-funded, left-wing newspaper, the Daily Californian, coped with the news by portraying Shapiro as a radical and controversial inflamer of right-wing hysteria. (This is the same paper that defended the violence and vandalism of the Berkeley Milo Riots as "free speech.") Shockingly, the article concedes Ben Shapiro’s extensive experience speaking on college campuses; however, the newspaper also quotes a host of leftists that purport to justify the immorality of conservatism.

Of course, the first one to come to the defense and justification of actions taken by the hyper-liberal bubble is ASUC Senator-elect Juniperangelica Cordova. In classic leftist fashion, Cordova seeks to defend not individuals, but monolithic "communities."

When asked about the impending doom of the Shapiro event, Cordova said, "I think there are folks who view the event as a direct attack on their communities. There are other communities who are just tired of having to protest and justify their lives, and are just willing to let the event play out," Cordova said. "I hope this event goes through without violence and danger being put upon these students."

This is idiotic and asinine. Not once in Shapiro’s speaking career has he called for violence against any individual or resorted to ad hominem attacks against students to make a point. So why is his visit portrayed as an "attack"?

I’ll tell you why. As a conservative student at Berkeley, I’m well acquainted with the reality that every class is entrenched in liberalism as the only appropriate and moral way of looking at the world. To the Berkeley community, being liberal is automatically equated to being educated; a level of "wokeness" is required, and I have been told it is something Republicans will never achieve. So, when an educated and qualified intellectual conservative comes to campus, it is a direct threat to the Left's values and belief system — a system which sits atop a house of cards, propped up by the University’s department of Diversity and Inclusion.

Clearly, Shapiro just isn’t "woke" enough to be liberal; he must be too ignorant to recognize “communities” of color and sexes and gender. By inviting him, conservatives are thus placing an undue burden on those communities to provide "justification for their lives." The only way to do so, apparently, is through dissent and fascistic protesting.

Given Cordova's previous statements about police presence on campus to defend the school from anarchists the day Ann Coulter was supposed to speak, it's obvious the only violence she is concerned with is students being arrested while militantly protesting.

The president of the Cal Berkeley Democrats, Caiden Nason, suggests that the Berkeley College Republicans are going for "sensationalism rather than actual conversation." To him, it is blatantly obvious that Shapiro, a Harvard-educated lawyer, has "outdated beliefs" and "spits in the face of facts." Yet, Nason failed to produce one example of a fallacious fact.

​Since the release of the Daily Cal article, the Berkeley College Republicans have extended this invitation to Nason:

Caiden, We read your very vivid quotes on the Daily Cal regarding BCR's upcoming event. You stated that conservative commentator, Harvard graduate, and New York Times-bestselling author Ben Shapiro "is someone that directly spits in the face of facts." As with every BCR event, there will be an open question-and-answer portion at the end of Mr. Shapiro's lecture. On behalf of the UC Berkeley College Republicans, we invite you to debate Mr. Shapiro. You will be provided a front row seat and have the first opportunity to ask a question.

​Caiden will be treated with Hitchen’s razor until he responds to the challenge and produces evidence to support his groundless claim. Looks like the ball is in your court, Berkeley.

Bradley Devlin is a student at the University of California Berkeley studying Political Economy and serves as the secretary of the Berkeley College Republicans.