After Quitting Twitter, CNN's Alisyn Camerota Goes Bonkers With Fake News

CNN chief Jeff Zucker's only legacy will be as The Great Destroyer, the destroyer of a once-widely respected news brand, the destroyer of his network's ratings (half the viewers of its competition), and the destroyer of the souls and reputations of formerly respected journalists. Alisyn Camerota is one of the casualties of Zucker's obsession with pushing fake news on behalf of the Democrat Party.

Over at Fox News, Camerota was great, a real stand-out as the weekend anchor of Fox & Friends. Notwithstanding the fact that I'm no fan of cable news in any format, while she was at Fox, Camerota impressed me with her smarts and fairness. And so when she moved to CNN's failing morning show New Day, I naively believed she would bring her integrity and smarts with her.

I'm such a fool.

The Alisyn Camerota on the last-place-and-sinking CNN is a completely different person, someone who gave away both her soul and brain. And she is getting worse...

As a means to shrink her elite, provincial, leftwing bubble into something even more comfortable, proving she has no creativity whatsoever, Camerota quit Twitter in the least creative fashion possible — with an insipid Dear John letter.

No one need tell me how much hate there is out there. Believe me... No. One. Need. Tell. ME. Mean tweets are not why adults flee Twitter. Camerota fled because the criticism stung, because the Truths hurled her way were accurate, because these Truths conflicted with what Zucker requires her to do for three hours every morning, and do it in front of fewer viewers than the low-rated Morning Joe.

But now that she has squashed her Jiminy Cricket, now that there is literally no one to tell her that what she is doing is morally wrong, Camerota immediately went bonkers on Thursday with the absurd claim that President Trump would have approved the Uranium One deal — you know, the deal that then-Secretary of State Clinton signed off on, that sweet two-fer that handed Russian President Vladimir Putin 20% to 50% of America's uranium supplies AND won hubby Bill Clinton lucrative speaking gigs with the very same Russian companies that benefitted from this treason?

You know, the Obama administration's treasonous deal with the Russians that the fake news media insists on downplaying or ignoring altogether, even as they enter year two of trying to pound the Trump Treason Drum with no evidence of any wrongdoing?

Tired of having this inconvenient truth thrown in her face, this is how Camerota responded when Jason Miller, Trump's former senior communications advisor, brought it up:

JASON MILLER: What we did know at the time is that Secretary Clinton had been very much involved with the Russians, as we talk about the Uranium One deal, which was very scandalous and maybe there was —

CAMEROTA: We keep hearing that talking point. We understand that you guys keep bringing that up.

MILLER: So you don't think the Uranium One deal was a big deal?

CAMEROTA: And you don't think President Trump would have approved the Uranium One deal, the person who doesn't want — we hear his administration doesn't want Congress to keep sanctions on Russia?

There are two lies in there. First off, Trump is opposed to additional Russian sanctions. There is nothing from the White House that indicates in any way that there is even the slightest desire to remove the existing sanctions.

The other lie is the insinuation that Trump would have backed the treasonous Uranium One deal. After just six months in office, Trump has already been much tougher on Putin than Obama was in his dreams. Whereas Obama attempted to appease Russia by refusing our Polish allies something as crucial to their survival as missile defense, Trump has already reversed that policy. Moreover, Trump is giving Putin and his Syrian allies fits with actual bombing campaigns and real, believable red lines.

Breitbart News has contacted CNN with a request to explain where Camerota got this bonkers idea from; CNN appears to have gone back into the bunker.

But now that Camerota has completely removed herself from the Real World, now that she has snuffed out her Twitter account as a means to avoid uncomfortable truths, she has no one to answer to, no one to challenge her, no one to put her in check ... other than the unscrupulous Jeff Zucker, who seems intent on burning everything and everyone down with him.

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