On Friday, three Palestinian terrorists opened fire on the holiest site in Judaism, the Temple Mount. They were shot dead by police, but not before murdering two Druze police officers, one of whom has a three-week-old child. One of the terrorists reportedly played dead as an emergency medic attempted to help him, then stabbed the medic.

Naturally, the media’s headlines were insanely vague. The AP: “2 Israeli policemen killed in shooting near Jerusalem shrine.” The BBC: “Israelis injured in gun attack near Jerusalem holy site.” Al Jazeera: “BREAKING: At least three Palestinians killed in shooting in Jerusalem’s Old City.” Getty Images: "Israeli Policemen Kill Three Palestinians In Al-Aqsa Mosque."

All of this is in keeping with the mainstream media’s dedication to imposing moral equivalence where none exists. Holy sites in Israel are routinely under assault not from Jews, but from Palestinians. Palestinians have burned Joseph’s Tomb multiple times. They have spent years destroying archaeological evidence of Jewish presence on the Temple Mount itself.

Whenever Palestinians attack Jews, the official response from the supposedly peaceful Palestinian Authority is to continue funding terrorism, then offer a vague statement about stopping violence on all sides; meanwhile, the Israeli government has already announced that it will maintain current policy on the Temple Mount, which favors Muslims to such an extent that Jews are not even allowed to mouth silent prayers on the Temple Mount. In cities like Bethlehem, the number of Christians has dropped from 50% of the population to 12%, and terrorism is still a serious threat; in 2002, Palestinian terrorists actually used the Church of the Nativity as a safe haven.

All of this is demonstrative of the fact that Israeli control of holy sites is the only way to preserve their free and open access. Yet the United Nations continues to rip away Jewish history piece by piece, claiming that the Temple Mount and the Cave of the Patriarchs in Hebron are not Jewish, but Palestinian historical sites.

Don’t expect the truth to emerge any time soon. The media are dedicated to perpetuating this conflict, seeing Israel as a colonialist aggressor in a historically Arab region, and committing themselves broadly to obliterating Judaism’s millennia-long pre-existence of Islam. No, it’s all just a cycle of violence.