Poll: How Many Republicans Think Trump Jr.'s Russian Meeting Was Fine?

YouGov poll presents more disappointing news for the Russia-obsessed media.

A new HuffPost/YouGov poll asked Americans what they thought about the Donald Trump Jr. meeting and got some both unsurprising and disappointing news for the establishment media. A whole lot of Democrats think Trump Jr.'s meeting was inappropriate, while a solid chunk of Republicans think it was no big deal. But even after a week full of headline-monopolozing Russiagate revelations, the media has "failed to move the needle" on Americans' opinions about the supposed Trump "collusion" with Russia. In fact, Americans' opinions have remained largely unchanged since the story started to dominate the news cycle early in Trump's presidency.

The YouGov survey found that a majority of Americans believe Trump Jr. was out of line in meeting with Russia government-linked lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya. A total of 53% said it was "inappropriate" for him to take the meeting, while only 22% defended it; about one-quarter remained "unsure."

The partisan breakdown is not particularly surprising, with nearly all (89%) of Hillary Clinton supporters condemning it (only 1% said it was okay) and a less sizeable majority of Trump supporters (60%) saying they believe it was appropriate (17% said it was inappropriate; 24% were unsure).

Republican respondents were more divided on the issue: 47% said it was fine, 22% condemned it, and the final quarter were unsure.

Third-party or non-voters were, predictably, more undecided on the issue than the other groups, with 14% approving, 52% disapproving, but about a third (34%) remaining unsure.

Asked how familiar they were with the story, a vast majority of the respondents said they had heard either "a lot" or at least "a little" about the Trump Jr. meeting. Graphic below via HuffPost:


While the left-leaning media are certainly cheering most of those results, they probably are less enthused about the public's response to the larger question of "the Trump administration's relationship with Russia." Here's HuffPost's disappointing takeaway:

While stories about the Trump campaign’s alleged ties to Russia during the 2016 election have repeatedly dominated the news cycle, they have more or less failed to move the needle on public sentiment about the issue, including after the latest development involving Trump Jr.

In total, 48% of Americans think the Trump-Russia relationship is either a "very serious" or a "somewhat serious problem." That's nearly identical to the percentage (47%) from four months ago. Oops.

Below is the graph showing Americans' perspective on Trump-Russia holding relatively steady over the months despite all the ink spilled on the issue:


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