Hillary Campaign Spokesman: Yeah, We 'Erred' By Mocking Romney About Russia

A little late, jerks.

On Thursday, former Hillary Clinton and Eric Holder Justice Department spokesperson Brian Fallon admitted publicly that Democrats were dead wrong to mock Mitt Romney for labeling Russia a top geopolitical threat to the United States in 2012. Commenting on a brutal debate on Fox News between Tucker Carlson, a fan of non-interventionism in Syria and alliance with Russia, and Max Boot, an interventionist who believes that alliance with Russia is a fool’s errand, Fallon tweeted:

It’s rather convenient for Fallon to come around on this just in time to rip Trump. If Hillary Clinton were being excoriated over Russian connections, it’s difficult to imagine that Fallon would be quite so generous to Romney.

But this is the game both sides now play. It’s Tucker Carlson now claiming that Romney was a dupe in 2012 – he told Max Boot that Russia didn’t even rank in the top five in terms of foreign threats to the United States. And it’s Brian Fallon now defending Romney. As Iowahawk put it on Twitter, we’re now playing Calvinball: the rules change depending on what’s convenient.

That’s not good for the country, even if we now have the satisfaction of knowing that Democrats are complete liars.

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