Clinton Advisor & CNN Commentator Paul Begala: Trump Should Really Really Consider Blowing Up Russia.

Democrats are becoming unhinged.

The Democratic party has gone from the pro-Soviet Union party to the hardcore anti-Russia party overnight. The left side of the aisle is knee-deep in conspiracy theories regarding President Trump’s alleged connections with the hostile foreign government.

It was only a year ago when Democrats were pushing for a softer, more conciliatory tone with Russia under the Obama administration. Before that, in the 1980s, Democrats were actually reaching out to the Russians for assistance with their political campaigns. But thanks to the donkey party’s hatred for Trump, Russia is now seen as public enemy number one. Things have gotten so bad that we now have Clinton advisors pushing for war with the Russians.

On Wednesday evening, former Bill Clinton advisor, Democratic consultant, and CNN commentator Paul Begala took the Left’s Russia obsession to new heights, arguing that the United States should discuss the prospect of bombing Russia. Speaking to CNN’s Anderson Cooper, Begala justified his position by implying that Russia’s cyber-interference in the 2016 presidential election was an “attack” against America.

“We were and are under attack by a hostile foreign power,” said Begala, “and ... we should be debating how many sanctions we should place on Russia or whether we should blow up the KGB, GSU, or GRU [Russia’s foreign intelligence agency].”

The Democratic pundit added: “If I was Trump, I would be mad because it has tainted his victory.”

Watch as Begala essentially calls for open warfare with the Russians:

It shouldn’t take a Russia policy expert to tell you that war with Russia is bad.

By insisting that Trump weigh the pros and cons of bombing Russia, Begala is beating the drums of war in the most insidious way possible. It goes without saying that the United States cannot afford a war with a foreign power like Russia, however nefarious Vladimir Putin’s cyber-attacks may be.

Of course, America can and should go on the counter-offensive and hit Russia with cyber-attacks against Kremlin affiliates and others who work against the interests of the United States. Espionage activities, including the infiltration of Russian government offices by U.S. spies, should be encouraged as well.

However, physical war with Russia is probably the worst move the United States could make in 2017. Any military confrontation with Russia would end in mutual bloodshed and destruction. Despite having a superior military, America would suffer unimaginable losses if it decided to recklessly bomb targets in Russia.

For all of the Left’s moaning about “neocons,” it appears that Democrats are now the ones who are calling for war games.


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