CNN Anchor Announces She's 'Breaking Up With Twitter'

Twitter has become too 'mean' for her.

CNN's New Day co-host Alisyn Camerota has announced that she is officially leaving Twitter because it has become too "mean."

Camerota made her announcement through a CNN column in which she describes her leaving Twitter as some sort of dramatic breakup. She wrote that when she first joined Twitter in 2009, "I believed your promises — that you'd help me connect with people, that you'd be an agent for good in the world, that you'd get my messages out, that you'd help build a community."

"Back then, you'd surprise me with flower emojis and thoughtful comments," wrote Camerota. "Back then, it was still thrilling to check in with you every day to see how many new followers you'd brought me. Those were the days."

However, Twitter has turned into "a shadow of your former self" that is no longer "fun to be with."

"You've become mean and verbally abusive," whined Camerota. "In fact, you gross me out. You're a cesspool of spleen-venting from people who think it's acceptable to insult other people in public and anonymously."

Camerota went on to say that while she appreciated "positive" comments and those who engaged in "respectful disagreement," she just couldn't handle the "trolls" anymore.

"You're hanging out with people who find satisfaction spewing vitriol, people who spread racism, misogyny, and anti-Semitism," wrote Camerota. "Perhaps it's worse than I know. Maybe you're struggling with addiction: addiction to outrage. It's a powerful drug. I wish I could help you kick it. I feel its pull sometimes too. But I don't want to be sucked in. All I can do is save myself from the bitter dark places where you like to dwell."

Camerota is now looking to move on to "something real and lasting" instead.

"Call me old fashioned, but I like hearing viewers' real thoughts, not the ones special interest groups pay them to tweet," wrote Camerota. "And to the tens of thousands of folks who took time to follow me, I trust we'll find a kinder place to reconnect."

The New Day co-host stated that it's possible that one day she'll get back together with Twitter, although it's not likely.

"I'm logging off, killing my account," Camerota concluded. "And know this — I won't miss you for a second."

Camerota's "break up" with Twitter comes as CNN has been excoriated over threatening to doxx the creator of a gif showing President Trump pummeling CNN — and they may have threatened the wrong guy. Project Veritas' recent videos have also exposed CNN's anti-Trump bias. Camerota herself was humiliated by Sebastian Gorka on Tuesday.

No wonder Camerota decided to leave Twitter.

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