Apparently, Senator Elizabeth Warren only finds a premature baby worth saving when it suits her political purposes.

Senator Warren is one of the biggest advocates in the Senate for abortion. Both Planned Parenthood and NARAL have given her 100% ratings for her support of these issues. The Senator is even in favor of taxpayer-funded late-term abortions.

On her Twitter account Tuesday, Senator Warren posted a video about a little boy named Peter. Peter had to be born prematurely when his mother developed pre-eclampsia. The Senator said, “Every Senator — no matter the party — should step up and fight for the millions of babies like Peter who can’t speak for themselves.”

How exactly would our senators go about fighting for these millions of babies? Maybe the Senator has come to her senses! Maybe she has realized how wrong it is to slaughter millions of innocent children before they ever get a chance to live outside the womb. But, alas, that is not the case.

The Senator unsurprisingly used the article as a way to shill for the Affordable Care Act. She claimed that without the ACA, Peter’s mother would not have been able to afford the proper care for her baby — which is false. There is no way that Peter would have been left to die. Plenty of charity hospitals exist that could have given Peter the state-of-the-art care he needed.

But that’s not the most head-scratching part. If Elizabeth Warren is pro-late term abortion, and therefore doesn’t consider a fetus worthy of life until it is in the late stages of development, why would she care about a baby that was born weighing just over one pound? That baby would not have been viable without the care it received in the hospital.

One of three conclusions can be made here. The first is that Senator Warren doesn’t believe a baby is a human being until it exits the birth canal. "Science." The second is that she is perfectly fine with killing babies. The third, and I believe the most likely, is that the Senator is willing to bend her political beliefs to fit whichever narrative she finds most beneficial in a given moment.

Remember folks, Senator Elizabeth Warren thinks your baby is a clump of cells until their story happens to fit her daily talking points.

Haley Smith is a regular contributor to The Daily Wire and founding chairwoman of Concordia University Irvine's Young Americans for Freedom chapter. Follow her on Twitter at @Haley_Victory.