Donald Trump Jr. Wanted Dirt On Hillary From the Russian Govt. — OMG That's AWESOME!

The "worse" the Donald Trump Jr. "scandal" gets, the more I know Republican voters chose the right guy to run against Hillary Clinton in 2016. At first it looked as though the meeting in question was over something touchy-feely, like adoption. Upon hearing that, my first thought was, Wait. You've just secured the nomination and the first thing you do is pull the campaign manager (Paul Manafort) and the Donald-whisperer (Jared Kushner) into a meeting about adoption? Are you insane?!?!

No kidding, I was furious. Hey, when the future of the country is at stake and you are up against the unholy trinity of the Clinton Machine, the entire mainstream media-complex, and their butthurt allies in #NeverTrump, there is no time to waste. But then the truth came out... we learned that the meeting was set up in the hopes of receiving information from the Russian government that would ensure Hillary Clinton never-ever-ever became president, and my faith in the epic bad-assery of Team Trump was restored. Maybe even bolstered.

TrumpWorld is populated with people who will do anything — ANYTHING — to win, and as long as it remains legal, those are my kind of Republicans.

Oh, grow up,

Seriously, y'all, grow the hell up.

Oh, it is so easy to sit in your Ivory Tower and join the howling mob of moral narcissists on the left and right, those who preen and pose their own virtue through feigned outrage. Don Jr. should have gone to the FBI, they huff! Americans don't do this, they puff! This is morally wrong, they harumph!


In this toxic political climate created solely by a thoroughly corrupted mainstream media, those of us who believe in individual liberty, religious freedom, killing terrorists, ending the tyranny of the bureaucracy, the sanctity of life, the rule of law, and that Western Civilization rulez, have been given only two choices. We can either do whatever it takes to win elections, or we can get ourselves destroyed.

That's it.

In the real world, and that's where I live, those are our only options.

As much as I would like to live in a just world with a just media that treated the sins of both sides equally, we do not. Not even close. The truth is that in this media-created world, Democrats are allowed to cheat, lie, collude, scheme, fabricate, change the rules, and pretty much engage in any other sinister tactic they can come up with. And the media not only allows this, the media aids and abets.

Newsflash: Using information from the Russian government for political advantage is not only something Democrats are guilty of in 2016, it is something our media is guilty of.

And knowing this, I am not supposed to not fist-pump after learning that the Trump campaign is willing to do the exact same thing?

Yeah, no.

Oh, how easy it would be to join the sanctimonious mob, how easy to pretend I am not thrilled over Team Trump's willingness to play just as dirty as the Democrats and their media — this crime family that allows the Obama campaign to accuse Romney of killing a woman, that allows Hillary to serial lie about four Americans she left to die in Benghazi, that allows the Clinton Foundation to reap hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign countries in exchange for government favors, that allows Bill Clinton to double his speech fees after Hillary gave our uranium to Putin, that allows bleach bits and hammers and deletes and wipes and IRS persecution and Fast & Furious and phones and pens and pallets of cash to Iranian terrorists.

If you want to pine away for a moral world that will never be, all you're doing is walking into a trap set by the very people who want everything you hold dear destroyed. And because your moral preening sacrifices all of us, not just yourself, there is nothing righteous about it. Striding into that trap again and again with your virtue flag flying high as you play by a rigged game with rigged rules that declare "Whataboutism" off limits, is the very definition of insanity.

Sorry, but if you want to hold our side to a standard Democrats will never be held to, your moral narcissism is selfishly sentencing your country to life with a series of Barack Obamas; selfishly condemning your own Party to a series of Romneys and McCains.

Hey, I wish the world was different, was better, just and righteous. I honestly do. And it took me a long time to wake up. I was 46-years-old when I watched the media allow Team Obama to get away with accusing a Mormon of murder.

And it was then that I finally put away those childish things.

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