WATCH: Officer RIPS Hollywood, BLM For Their Silence On NYC Female Cop Assassination

In a viral video making the rounds on the internet, an unnamed police officer calls out Hollywood celebrities, professional athletes and Black Lives Matter for their deafening silence on the assassination of New York City cop and mother of three Miosotis Familia, 48, last week by an apparent anti-cop radical.

Familia was shot in the head while sitting in a marked police vehicle by 34-year-old parolee Alexander Bonds. Bonds reportedly had a history of espousing anti-police views, including a vulgar video rant posted on Facebook in which he threatened officers to stay away from him.

"Y'all n*****s so reluctant to want to say something to the police, man," he said in the 11-minute rant. "Man, police is f****ts, and this ain’t no gimmick. F****ts."

"N*****s ain't taking it no more, Mr. Officer. I'm here to tell you, man. ... just keep your a** away from mine," threatened Bonds.

The unnamed officer in the heated video rant asks where the outrage is over the apparent targeting and assassination of a police officer merely doing her job, serving the people of NYC. Where is the thirst for "justice" from those who protest justified police shootings of criminals, the officer wants to know.

"The one thing I want to know is, where the hell are all the celebrities now? Where's all the sports teams wearing NYPD stuff? Where's the 'hands up, don't shoot' people? Where are you right now?" asks the officer.

"Why is it every thug, every career criminal, every piece of garbage low-life scum of the earth gets the attention when they're shot and killed for breaking the law, for threatening others, for victimizing people?" he continues.

"We have a NYC police officer mother of three out there, sitting in a gang-infested precinct, sitting there in a high-visibility post to deter crime ... and this coward walks up and shoots her in the head. That's a victim," he says pointedly.

"That's a mother of three children; she went to work and didn't come home. Where the f*** are you now? Where are the celebrities now? I don't hear you; I don't see you. And believe me, society sees that."

"Do the right thing," he implored these silent celebrities and activists, "support your police."


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