WATCH: Chris Matthews Goes Gaga Over Trump/Putin 'Manspreading'

MSNBC’s Chris Matthews noted “manspreading” by Presidents Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin during shared public comments at last week’s Group of 20 (G20) Summit in Hamburg, Germany.

"Manspreading" is a nonsense term coined by feminists and assorted leftists to describe open-legged sitting by men; its subtext frames social acceptance of the sitting style as an example of unjustified cultural double standards between the sexes.

Engaging in low-information psychoanalysis of body language between the two heads of state, Matthews elaborated on “manspreading” during his nightly “Trump Watch” segment:

Did you see how these two men sat today? Both tried to sit as far forward as they could in those big chairs up there in Hamburg, Germany. Putin a much smaller fella, seemed a bit dwarfed, and I’d say, not very happy about the picture he was presenting.

But the big story was the way they both engaged in the art of manspreading; widening their legs out as far as the wings of those chairs allowed them. ‘Nobody’s gonna outmanspread me,’ you can hear their little psyches urging them on.

Watch Matthews' comments below.

Matthews is somewhat open about his left-wing and partisan Democrat biases, having previously described himself as a “liberal.”

MSNBC presents itself as a politically objective and non-partisan news media outlet.

H/T Amber Hathey at The Daily Caller.

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