After multiple reports revealing some troubling details about Shaun King, a prominent Black Lives Matter leader and "senior justice writer" of the despicable New York Daily News, some of the movement's leaders have officially turned on him in an ugly social media meltdown.

As The Daily Wire reported, after reports that King had lied about his racial heritage and touted BLM charities that never existed, King began exhibiting some rather bizarre behavior, including claiming to have hired an "administrative team" representing "150 countries" to scrub his Twitter account after it turned out that he was pro-gun before being adamantly anti-gun (and anti-white "racial-pscyhosexual highs," or something). He also at one point said spoken to "legal counsel" at "several British media companies" which told him he has "actual psychological challenges/difficulties."

Now, as Milo Yiannopoulos reports, it appears that fellow BLM leader DeRay McKesson and others in the movement have officially “excommunicated” King:

This is just the latest in a series of scandals for race-baiter King, who charges $7,500 for speeches about race and gender. Breitbart was the first media organisation to raise questions about Shaun King’s race that have still not been answered. Although King claimed for years to be biracial, after our report he was forced to admit he had no idea who his father was and that both of the people on his birth certificate are white.

Mckesson has revealed he was blocked by King after asking questions about the latter’s management of funds. Activists who donated to King’s Justice Together say the organisation was hopelessly mismanaged and they want to know where their money has gone now that King has shut the organisation down.

Another prominent BLM leader, Johnetta Elzie, joined McKesson in disowning the embattled King. I'll spare you the petty, accusatory tweets by the BLM activists, but suffice it to say King has officially received a vote of no-confidence from the movement. His response: to accuse McKesson (who is openly gay) of having told him he "'hated' half the women in the movement":