This Pro-Life Group Plans To Protest Seattle WNBA Team For Supporting Planned Parenthood

A pro-life organization is planning to protest the Seattle Storm WNBA team for supporting Planned Parenthood.

The Seattle Storm is hosting a pro-Planned Parenthood rally on July 18, where $5 of each ticket sold will go to the abortion mill. In response, the pro-life group Created Equal is planning on protesting the rally with other pro-life organizations that evening.

"The plan is that we're going to be outside the area from 7-9 p.m. holding signs," Mark Harrington, national director of Created Equal, told The Daily Wire. "Some of them will say, 'The Storm supports abortion.' Others will say, 'The Storm supports violence against children.'"

Harrington estimated that around 50-100 people could attend Created Equal's rally, although the information for the protest is still spreading.

With Planned Parenthood's federal funding at risk, the abortion mill is looking to the private sector for their funding, including Hollywood and sports teams, said Harrington.

"That's why it's very important that we get ahead this and try to nip it in the bud, if you will, because if the NBA, WNBA, NFL – you know these huge sports leagues and teams – start funding Planned Parenthood, that could spell real trouble for our ability to shut them down and end abortion," Harrington said. "So we've got to get ahead of this, make sure that this doesn't get any further than the Seattle Storm."

Harrington stressed that their rally is not meant to be a boycott of the Seattle Storm organization as a whole, it's only for the one game for which they're donating ticket proceeds to Planned Parenthood. But more importantly, the rally is meant to be a message to the Storm that their decision to support Planned Parenthood is a bad business move.

"We've got a lot of other folks who are pro-life who will not want to attend your games because of this, and we're going to make it known to them," Harrington said.

More details of the rally can be found here.

Back in June, The Daily Wire's Amanda Prestigiacomo pointed out that the WNBA is already "struggling to survive"; politically and ideologically charged stunts like the partnership with Planned Parenthood, she wrote, is a "death wish" for the league:

As reported by The Times in May 2016, the organization was pulling in "just below 200,000 on ESPN’s networks." Moreover, "Half of the WNBA’s 12 teams lose money, and they benefit from revenue generated by the NBA’s national television and sponsorship deals. This season, the $25 million the WNBA is getting from its primary broadcaster, ESPN, is a tiny fraction of the NBA’s average $930 million payment from ESPN and TNT, which will rise to about $2.6 billion next season."

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