Here's What Hispanic Activists Are Vowing to Do to Defeat Trump (and Guess Who's Bankrolling It)

Immigrant rights activists are banding together to make sure that Donald Trump never becomes president. In an effort partly funded by far left billionaire George Soros, immigrant advocates are vowing to register 1 million immigrants to thwart Trump's "racist" and "anti-immigrant" agenda.

As the Washington Times highlights, not only are an estimated 8.8 million legal immigrants (a majority of whom are Hispanic) already eligible to apply for citizenship, another 2 million Hispanics have turned 18 since the last presidential election. The activists expect those 2 million new voters to "turn out to vote to defend fellow Dreamers, or young illegal immigrants, against Republican calls for their deportation," writes the Times.

In the announcement of the initiative at the National Press Club last Thursday, the group's executive director boasted of the "huge" source of political "power" the immigrants represented.

"This is a huge amount of latent power," said National Partnership for New Americans' Joshua Hoyt, which has partnered with Soros' progressive Open Society Foundation.

The NPNA's website prominently features images of the Democratic presidential candidates and calls on immigrants to "#NaturalizeNOW." Republicans have long pointed out that Democrats' pandering to Hispanic immigrants is a direct result of them overwhelmingly voting for Democrats, the NPNA's naturalization and voting campaign does not even attempt to mask that connection.

Rep. Luis Gutierrez (D-Illinois), the most vocal of Hispanic advocate in the House, said that young Hispanics are geared up to defend Obama's executive orders on immigration that are granting legal status to millions of illegal immigrants. "The undocumented are in the same families as the legal permanent residents and the U.S. citizens," said Gutierrez. "Those families are going to mobilize."

But, the Washington Times points out, past efforts to encourage Hispanics to naturalize have not been particularly successful as they have shown "a lower propensity to naturalize in the U.S. and have lower turnout rates overall than other demographic groups."

Hispanic activists are using Trump's anti-illegal immigration campaign to invigorate their voting registration efforts, particularly among Mexicans immigrants, which make up around 30 percent of the Hispanic immigrant population.

Image via AP): "Rep. Luis Gutierrez, D-Ill., a leading advocate in the House for comprehensive immigration reform, center, joined by Rep. Juan Vargas, D-Calif., left, and Rep. David Cicilline, D-R.I., leads a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Tuesday, Jan. 13, 2015, with fellow Democrats on the implementation of President Barack Obama's executive actions to spare millions from immediate deportation."


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