Top 10 Slogans The Democrats COULD Choose

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee this week sent out an email to supporters field-testing a new bumper sticker slogan: "Democrats 2018: I mean, have you seen the other guys?"

The DCCC asked subscribers to vote on that and a few other slogans, like "Resist, Persist" and "make Congress Blue Again." (Wait, isn't Congress already blue? Oh, they mean full of Democrats, not melancholy.)

So, a top 10 is in order:

10. We Stand For Nothing, So What's There To Oppose?

9. Don't Say How, Say When: It's Time For A Native American, Vote Elizabeth Warren.

8. Democrats 2018: Tinfoil Hat Included At Registration.

7. Pelosi/Waters 2020. We May Be A Combined 150 Years Old, But So Are Our Ideas.

6. Remember Hammer Time? Stop. Biden Time.

5. The Party Of Inclusivity: If Your Don't Join Us, You're An Evil Bigot.

4. Republicans Are Going To Kill People. Stop Them Because Violent Rhetoric Is Bad.

3. Democrats 2018: We Win Moral Victories, Not Elections. (h/t NRCC)

2. Free Everything For Everybody — Forever!

And the No. 1 slogan is:

1: We Promise Not To Run Hillary Clinton. Ever. Ever. Again.


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