Democrat Party's INSANE New Trial Slogan Exposes Everything Wrong With The Democrat Party

As their party remains in disarray, the geniuses over at the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) came up with a trial slogan so insane it's being confused online for satire: "Democrats 2018: I mean, have you seen the other guys?"

Brilliant. They've finally found a message to really resonate with middle class Americans ...

In a fundraising email, the DCCC asked their subscribers to vote on four new slogans for a possible bumper sticker. The other three slogans included, "Resist & Persist," "She persisted, We resisted," and "Make Congress blue again."

The first two mantras are tied to likely 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA), and the third is a cheap knock-off of President Donald Trump's famous "Make American Great Again" mantra.

They aren't exactly the most original bunch.

After the slogan was posted, those online found it hard to believe the self-awareness-lacking slogan was even real. Providing proof that the stupidity was indeed authentic, Business Insider's Max Tanner posted a screenshot of the email.

This slogan could not be more emblematic of the Democrats' current crisis: they have no message. Doubling-down on identity politics has yet to work for them thus far, and you can only fear-monger and scream about how terrible Trump and the Republicans are for so long before the average American begins searching for an actual reason to vote for you. What is the Democrat Party's vision of America? How will their policy positions affect the recently laid-off factory worker or the jobless thirty-something swimming in debt?

If their message remains "Trump and the Republicans are worse," and it looks like it may, you can be sure the Democrat Party will lose even more seats than the 1,000-plus they've already lost since 2008.

But then again, maybe lowering expectations is all they have at this point?

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