Wes Stern, Mimi Grant, Cole Lective, Will Fare And Moe Votes — An Unfinished Love Story

Mimi Grant and Cole Lective were together forever. Cole would always vow to Mimi that he would make her happy. He promised her virtually everything. He said that she could expect it all from him so long as she listened to what he said. For the innocent and naïve Mimi, this trade-off initially seemed enticing. She thought she would be giving an inch and getting a thousand miles. In reality, however, she was giving a thousand miles without getting an inch. What Mimi didn’t know was that Cole basically uses a candy-coated veil of empty promises as a means of getting her to do what he wanted. Over time, Cole failed to give Mimi almost everything he had promised. Cole would also oppress Mimi whenever she acted independently. On some occasions he would beat her, on others he would lock her in his room for countless hours. He refused to let Mimi act independently. Mimi so desperately wanted to find someone to let her be free. She wanted someone who would give her love, continued independence, and protection from guys like Cole. While Mimi dated Cole, she hated the endless unfulfilled promises which required her obedience. Over time, Mimi developed trust issues.

One day, a new guy came along saying women like Mimi should be free and independent; nobody should be dominated or oppressed. His name was Wes Stern. Mimi heard about Wes through the grapevine, becoming increasingly enamored with the idea of leaving Cole for him. Before knowing if Wes was open to dating, Mimi risked her life and left Cole. She knew she would be beaten and locked up in Cole’s room if caught leaving. Nevertheless, Mimi was determined. She knew life with Cole Lective was not a life worth living. She wanted a better life, especially for her unborn children; she left Cole for Wes.

Needless to say, Mimi was as happy as she had ever been when she began dating Wes. Over time and on her own, Mimi secured all the things Cole had promised her. Wes thought incredibly highly of Mimi. He knew she was capable of earning everything independently. Wes allowed Mimi to experience the happiness and satisfaction of earning things for herself. Mimi never expected anything from Wes except for his protection of her freedom to pursue her own happiness; to shield her from anyone that wanted to harm her — especially jerks like Cole. Mimi always expressed her love of Wes to her friends and family. Not only was Wes good for Mimi, but Mimi was great for Wes as well. They benefited mutually from one another.

While all was hunky dory between Wes and Mimi, Cole was upset with Mimi for leaving him. Cole devised a plan to get Mimi back. He sent his most deceitful and conniving friends, Will Fare and Moe Votes, to go and break them up. The plan was for Will and Moe to pretend to be friends with Wes. Will and Moe would manipulate Wes into believing that Cole’s treatment of Mimi was a path to be followed. If Wes didn’t treat Mimi more like Cole did, Will and Moe said, Wes would be behaving as a terrible person.

Somehow, it worked. Will and Moe managed to convince Wes true love for Mimi required a mimicking of Cole’s behavior. Will and Moe ended up manipulating Wes into becoming the kind of person that Mimi so desperately wanted to escape. The humane and agreeable new kid successfully scored the amazing girl from the depraved and abusive boyfriend, only to increasingly become more like the depraved and abusive boyfriend. Dammit, Wes.

This is where we are left off. We are currently at the point in the story where Wes Stern is now acting like Cole Lective while under the unscrupulous spell of Will Fare and Moe Votes. This is impressively harming Mimi Grant, though you will never hear it from Cole, Will, or Moe, all claiming to have have Mimi’s best interest at heart. The plot thickens, as two new girls enter our story with a shared desire to destroy Wes: Izzy Lamikextremism and Shari Ah. Wes never did anything to either Izzy or Shari — the two new girls are just insane.

The good news is that the real and down-to-earth new kid who scores the popular girl from the unappreciative jerk boyfriend only to end up becoming more like the unappreciative jerk boyfriend usually ends with him going back to his regular, down-to-earth self. I certainly hope that’s the case with Wes. Stick around for the next 20 years to find out what happens.

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