Former porn star Jenna Jameson has come up with a simple but effective nickname for Brian Stelter, CNN's leftwing media reporter. While all of the media, and most especially CNN, melted down over the weekend over Trump's hilarious and effective WWE tweet (which is now the second most retweeted post in history), it was Stelter who assumed the role as the tip of the crybaby spear. And for his trouble, Jameson publicly proclaimed Stelter a "walking vagina."

Jameson, who has 709,000 Twitter followers, is a bigtime Trump supporter, a proud Jewish conservative (per her Twitter bio), who regularly defends the president.

Stelter, who has only 502K followers, is widely seen as a "ridiculous figure" (as media writer Michael Wolff so aptly put it), and after this weekend even more so. While Stelter cashes massive paychecks from the very same mega-corporation that proudly sponsored Trump-assassination porn, he spent his entire holiday weekend crybabying over Trump's epic WWE tweet, stamping his feet while pretending to be scared about the violence it might provoke.

Out here in Real America all we saw was a "ridiculous figure" who can't take a joke, a "walking vagina" who is angry because Trump isn't like every other Republican who eventually breaks down and caters to the elite MSM. CNN is so angry over Trump's awesome lack of respect for them, they tattled to Twitter over the WWE tweet in the obvious hope of having Trump banned from the social media network — the President of the United States!

CNN had just gone through the worst month of its three-decade existence, the worst month any media outlet has seen in over a decade; a month filled with scandals, humiliating retractions, forced resignations, and a four-alarm ratings collapse. On Friday it seemed as though things could not possibly get worse for the leftwing network. And then along came Trump's WWE trap, which CNN (and the rest of the fake news media) immediately fell into.

And now, thanks in part to a nudge from Jameson, somehow CNN looks even more ridiculous today than it did on Friday.

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