Comedian Kathy Griffith starred in an "art shoot" holding the bloody, severed head of a doll that looked like President Trump. An acting troupe performed a play that featured a look-alike Trump actor being murdered in cold blood (lots of it).

The mainstream media reported about these "artistic" endeavors — with many featuring liberals and Hollywood celebrities defending the freedom of artistic expression — and then quickly moved on. Few connected the violence "art" with the attack by a Bernie Sanders supporter who fired 60 rounds from a high-powered rifle at Republicans playing baseball, gravely wounding Rep. Steve Scalise (R-LA).

But "journalists" were absolutely apoplectic on Sunday after Trump tweeted a crudely doctored-up video that featured himself — from an old appearance in a wrestling match — body-slamming a man whose head says "CNN."

The sanctimonious media went into hyper drive, claiming that Trump was calling on Americans to violently attack reporters.

“It is a sad day when the President of the United States encourages violence against reporters,” CNN said in a statement.

ABC News’ Matthew Dowd claimed Trump was “advocating violence against media” and said that Republican leaders should “put country over party."

Another MSNBC contributor, David Corn, editor of the liberal Mother Jones, wrote:

That quickly became the talking point for the MSM. New York Times reporter, Alan Rappeport, said the president’s tweet was “a call for violence against the media.” ABC News’ Martha Raddatz said “That seems like a threat." The Washington Post wrote a piece headlined "Trump appears to promote violence against CNN with tweet."

A day after defending his use of social media as befitting a “modern day” president, President Trump appeared to promote violence against CNN in a tweet.

Trump, who is on vacation at his Bedminster golf resort, posted on Twitter an old video clip of him performing in a WWE professional wrestling match, but with a CNN logo superimposed on the head of his opponent. In the clip, Trump is shown slamming the CNN avatar to the ground and pounding him with simulated punches and elbows to the head. Trump added the hastags #FraudNewsCNN and #FNN, for “fraud news network.” ...

Some Trump supporters noted on social media that the violence in professional wrestling is simulated and that the president was making a symbolic point about “fake news” coverage of him. But questions about the political climate for journalists has swirled for weeks since Rep. Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.) body-slammed a reporter for the Guardian the day before a special election, which he won. Gianforte, who had initially denied Jacobs' account, later apologized to him and was sentenced in court to 40 hours of community service and 20 hours of anger management classes.

Questions have also "swirled" since a crazed liberal shot up a baseball practice populated only by Republicans. That following much worse depictions of graphic violence against the president of the United States. But the MSM moved on quickly after that attack, as it did not fit its narrative.

This, however — Trump doing a tongue-in-cheek (although childish) gif portraying CNN as fake as a wrestler, to whom he then delivers a very fake-looking beat down — was a call to violence?

Does the fake news ever stop?