ESPN—or “MSNBC with footballs”—has teamed up with Marvel—another extremely left-leaning outlet in recent years—to honor 25 women via their 2015 “Super Impact25” list. The list was naturally composed of female athletes. Oh, and three female Democratic representatives: Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Senator Kirsten GIlibrand, and Senator Claire McCaskill.

The 21 female athletes honored (one honoree was a left-leaning documentarian who helped create the feminist-inspired #LikeAGirl Campaign) included MMA fighter Ronda Rousey, soccer star Carli Lloyd and WNBA all-star Becky Hammon—normal stuff, female athletes honored for their participation in female athletics. But because liberals just can’t help but to expose their own bias and because everything must be politicized to the left, the Democrats were egregiously added to the list of honorees.

Senators Gillibrand and McCaskill were honored for their efforts in combating the well-exaggerated “rape culture” on college campuses through their co-sponsoring of the Campus Accountably and Safety Act. The stretch to add them along with the other athletes was seemingly because some “rapists” on campus happen to be athletes. Or something.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch or the “FIFA Slayer” was inserted in the list because she “led the charge in the FIFA corruption investigations.” Of course, these investigations had nothing to do with women, so...?

ESPN and Marvel have been accused of toeing the line for the leftist propaganda machine—and this list adds to the suspicion that they are well beyond the "toeing."