'Spirit Soul' Miley Cyrus: I Am A Genderless, Speciesless, Ageless Being. Okay, Then.

Warning: Sexually explicit references and images are contained throughout this post.

Super star Miley Cyrus is many things (an actress, a singer, a habitual pot smoker, a butt-less twerker) but sane is not one of them.

While seemingly a good natured hippie, Cyrus is pretty off her rocker, like, way off. She's previously described herself as a pansexual free-spirit, posed in some head-scratching photo-shoots and put on some interesting dildo-themed performances.

But, now, Cyrus has declared herself genderless (she's a female), ageless (she's 24), and no different than an animal (she's a human).

"I think I'm weird because that I feel very genderless; I feel ageless; I feel like I'm just a spirit soul, not even divided by human being, or I treat the animals the same or, hopefully, treat the planet with as much respect as possible," Cyrus said during an interview on Lorraine, a U.K. morning show.

"I feel very much like there's no 'us' and 'them'. There's no 'me' and 'you'. I feel like I'm kind of just — I want to be everything, and I want to be also kind of nothing. I just want to be able to be myself," she continued.

Again, Cyrus is not a bad person by any stretch of the imagination; she seemingly believes and acts on what she says and even showed some rare compassion and insight (albeit hysterical) on the night her candidate lost the 2016 presidential election and Literally Hitler won.

But she is a total crazy and living in a fantasy land.


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