According to the Media Research Center, since President Trump appointed special counsel Robert Mueller, the time the network evening newscasts have spent covering the investigation into Russia’s interference in the 2016 election has vastly outweighed the time spent on other subjects, including Trumpcare, plans for the nation’s infrastructure, and tax reform.

The networks spent 353 minutes on the Russia probe, 20 times more that on the health care bill, 100 times more than infrastructure, and 450 times more than on comprehensive tax reform. The networks spent a whopping five minutes speaking about jobs.

In addition, the study reported 34% of the networks’ Russia coverage was based on anonymous sources.

ABC’s World News Tonight spent 134 minutes on the Russia investigation, which amounted to 63% of all of its Trump news. CBS Evening News spent 124 minutes on Russia news, 54% of its Trump news; NBC Nightly News took 95 minutes to cover the Russia investigation, 48% of its Trump coverage.

Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris accord drew a total of 47 minutes of coverage total. 47 seconds was spent on tax reform.

H/T Newsbusters