Pro-Life Group: Twitter Suppressing Messages That Criticize Planned Parenthood

Pro-life non-profit organization Live Action published a report Tuesday alleging that Twitter has "suppressed" the group's advertisements that criticize the taxpayer-funded abortion giant Planned Parenthood, requiring that the pro-life group "delete ALL the tweets it deems offensive."

Live Action has been one of the more active voices in calling out Planned Parenthood's massive abortion industry, which churns out around 320,000 abortions a year (that's far more abortions than breast exams, by the way) while receiving over $500 million in taxpayer funding. The pro-life group has used social media to get out the ugly truth about the real focus of the abortion provider. But, Live Action says, they've found that some major platforms, like Twitter and YouTube, appear to be playing defense for the abortion giant.

Live Action underscores that while their tweets are not being censored, "Twitter has banned our ability to advertise our content until we delete ALL the tweets it deems offensive," which is really just those that are unflattering to Planned Parenthood:

While it won’t censor Live Action’s and Lila Rose’s tweets outright, Twitter has banned our ability to advertise our content until we delete ALL the tweets it deems offensive — or, in reality, all the tweets that offend Planned Parenthood. Twitter has told us that we must delete:

  1. all of our tweets calling for the end of taxpayer funding for Planned Parenthood,
  2. all of our tweets of our undercover investigations into Planned Parenthood, and
  3. any ultrasound images of preborn children.

Twitter has effectively limited speech on the side of the issue it apparently rejects. This is disturbing behavior for a social media platform that has over 300 million active users a month and that presents itself as a forum for people to voice a variety of opinions and positions.

Live Action provided some examples of messages Twitter deems "acceptable" versus those it deems "inflammatory or provocative":

Twitter and Live Action pro-life messages Example 1

Twitter and Live Action pro-life messages Example 2

Twitter and Live Action pro-life messages Example 3

Twitter and Live Action pro-life messages Example 4

Below are links to more examples of tweets deemed "inflammatory" that Live Action provided to The Daily Wire:

Live Action says Twitter's "policy committee," which determines what content is "acceptable" or "inflammatory, " offers "little explanation" for their decisions and no process for appeal. "In fact, Live Action was told that a meeting with this team would not be possible," the organization states.

In an email reviewed by The Daily Wire, a Twitter spokesman gave Live Action the following description of what is "prohibited under our sensitive advertising content policy regarding language and imagery":

  • Threatening, violent, gruesome, abusive, shocking or disturbing content.
  • Offensive, vulgar or obscene content.
  • Inflammatory or provocative content which is likely to evoke a strong negative reaction.

The explanation was followed by the following examples from @LiveAction's account:

The organization was then given "two options to consider that will allow you to become eligible for advertising moving forward":

  • Remove current and past sensitive content from your website and Twitter feed.
  • Create a new Twitter handle for marketing/advertising efforts that drives to a new website that does not include content that violates our policy.

The pro-life group stresses that it is "certainly within Twitter’s right to determine its own standards"; however, Americans deserve to be aware of the clear bias of the platform.

"On an issue where Americans are divided, Twitter is acting to suppress pro-life messages that exposes the truth about abortion and Planned Parenthood’s lack of comprehensive health care for women," the group says, adding that it's "not surprising" that Twitter co-founder Evan Williams "recently apologized for the role Twitter played in electing President Trump."

Live Action concludes its article by noting that Twitter is not the only social media platform "suppressing" speech; YouTube has also tagged some of their videos with warnings that they may be "inappropriate" for some viewers (a trend also experienced by PragerU):

Some of Live Action’s videos get the “content warnings” placed over them by YouTube. When a person tries to watch the video, but is not logged in to YouTube, they are informed the material may be “inappropriate.” This warning is placed over the video below that has no graphic images, but instead, actual statements from Planned Parenthood staff giving a woman false information about the science of fetal development.

Below are a few of the hard numbers about Planned Parenthood highlighted by Live Action that the abortion mill that its defenders clearly don't want voters to know:

According to Planned Parenthood’s own annual reports:

  • Over 10 years, prenatal services — which were negligible to begin with, are DOWN 29%. (13,261 out of 10.1 million total “services” (2005) vs. 9,419 out of 9.5 million total “services” (2015)
  • Breast exams — DOWN 62%. 842,399 (2005) vs. 321,700 (2015)
  • PAP tests — DOWN 74%. 1,116,681 (2005) vs. 293,799 (2015)
  • Abortions — UP 24%. 264,943 (2005) vs. 328,348 (2015)
  • Government funding — UP 82%. $305.3 million (2005) vs. $554.6 million (2015)

Read Live Action's full article here.

This article has been expanded to include more information provided to The Daily Wire by Live Action.

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