ABC news Australia sat down with actor and avid aviator, Harrison Ford, to discuss his new film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but once talk of the evil villains of the Dark Side subsided, they could finally tackle the frightening boogeyman known as climate change.

Host Leigh Sales asked the actor what are the consequences if the world can't come together to solve this "problem."

"Nature will take care of itself — nature doesn't need people, people need nature to survive," Ford responded.

"If people knew the benefits of Nature besides cute animals and a place for them to vacation. If they knew that Nature provided clean air, fresh water, pollinators for our crops, new medicines, new food crops... and that we can't afford to produce these things for ourselves, but a healthy and vibrant nature gives those services to us. They would understand the full value of Nature."

Ford continued, "We're now all in this point in time, on this planet, and if we don't work together the consequences are disastrous. Not right now, but for our children and our children's children and the future of humanity. The planet will be okay...."

Harrison then topped off his Twin Jet Cessna with aviation grade fossil fuels, one of his many recreational airplanes, and piloted himself away never thinking of that interview again.