HANDELED: GA Republican Whips (His) Ossoff; Dems Now 0-4 In Yet Another 'Referendum On Trump'

Well, now it's just getting embarrassing.

So far, there have been four special elections for Congress -- each deemed by the Democrats and the mainstream media "a referendum on President Trump."

Here's how the Democrats have fared:

  • 1. Loss.
  • 2. Loss.
  • 3. Loss.
  • 4. Loss..

Now, if a baseball team goes 0-4, the manager might start thinking about making some changing, flipping the batter order, resting a few tired players -- or even something more fundamental, like his entire approach to the game. But not those Democrats. They just keep hyping the same tired message, and Republicans keep stepping up to beat their Ossoff.

That's what Karen Handel did to a young inexperienced Democrat, Jon Ossoff on Tuesday night. Although Republicans have often won Georgia's 6th Congressional District by double digits in the past, Handel handled Ossoff handily, winning by 5.4%. Anywhere else, that's not just losing, that's someone beating your Ossoff.

"The so-called ‘Resistance’ was handed another setback tonight when 30 million dollars couldn’t get their poster boy over the finish line," said Colin Reed, executive director of America Rising PAC. "All the liberal money in the world wasn’t enough to overcome the negative news narratives around Jon Ossoff’s resume lies and residency issues. It’s back to the drawing board again for the Democrats, who continue to lay goose eggs and are now 0 for 4 in competitive special elections in 2017."

Democrats -- as per usual -- will say, "Oh boy, we got real close in a GOP district, we're coming on now," but don't let them fool you. They threw everything they could at this race -- millions in outside cash, Hollywood celebrity endorsements, from unfunny comedian Chelsea Handler and Star Trek's George Takei -- and still got beat badly.

Just like Russia (supposedly) did in the 2016 presidential election, California sought to alter the outcome in GA-6, a Texas-shaped district north of Atlanta. More than 7,000 donations came in for rookie Ossoff from La La Land. For comparison, just 800 Georgians dropped him cash.

By the end of the race, Ossoff wasn't even mentioning Trump, afraid that he would wake the sleeping beast. Instead, he tacked hard to the center in a search for votes, alienating even his base. Meanwhile, Handel spent her time connecting Ossoff to national figures in the Democratic Party, especially Rep. Nancy Pelosi. “Republicans are motivated,” Handel said in a CNN interview before the election. “They surely don’t want Nancy Pelosi’s guy coming in.”

And once again, the mainstream media's polls were worthless -- most showed the race dead even, but Handel ended up winning by nearly 6 percentage points (these guys are worse than weathermen).

Tuesday night's result dealt a hefty blow to the Democrats' dream of taking over the House in 2018. Their non-stop tirade of anti-Trumpism just isn't catching hold, leaving the befuddled party without a real leader and floundering for a message -- any message.

Earlier this year, Democrats lost two other contested special elections for vacant House seats, one in Kansas and another in Montana. In a special election also held Tuesday in South Carolina, Republican Ralph Norman beat Democrat Archie Parnell, a former Goldman Sachs executive, by 4 percentage points -- not the margin the GOP was hoping for but still a solid win.

Oh, and their big champion, Hillary Clinton, got drubbed in November.

Ossoff's concession speech was once again an ode to the sadness that envelopes his party. “We showed the world that in places where no one thought it was even possible to fight, we could fight,” he said. “The fight goes on.’’

Well, maybe. But when you're on a losing streak, sometimes you gotta' make a change. Or find a message -- any message.

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