Feminists have been duped again.

First they peed their pants for “equality,” then they ran marathons without tampons to end “period shaming” and now they are on a mission to end the Christmas tradition of kissing under mistletoe because it promotes “rape culture.” All because of a plot cooked-up on 4Chan.org to make feminists look ridiculous.

Some feminists took the bait, hook, line and sinker; they became extremely riled up over the latest “injustice” imposed on them from “the patriarchy” in America and took to Twitter to join in on the faux-campaign to end the “oppressive” practice.

The scam which exposed the feminist obsession with victimhood was born by a mere suggestion.

“I have an idea for trolling feminists”, wrote an anonymous user on the internet forum4Chan on 1 December. “Let’s see if we can get them to ban mistletoe because it ‘promotes rape culture’”.

“Something like #SayNoToMistletoe. What do you think?” he propositioned. “Could actually work” responded one user. “Bumping for serious potential”, added another.

The fake campaign was then launched on Twitter:

Many on the internet got a kick out of the duped feminists and ridiculed their incessant and unmerited gripes.

One grew a tab angry...

Feminists never seem to run out of excuses to be victimized, nor do they run out of crazy.