Obama 'Finalizing' Unconstitutional Executive Action On Gun Control

President Obama is preparing to unilaterally enact his gun control agenda, consolidating an executive action plan that would bypass Congress.

The Associated Press reports:

President Barack Obama’s advisers are finalizing a proposal that would expand background checks on gun sales without congressional approval. White House adviser Valerie Jarrett says the president has asked his team to complete a proposal and submit it for his review “in short order.” She says the recommendations will include measures to expand background checks.

The Obama administration plans on using forceful executive action to close “gun show loopholes.” The red herring of “gun shows” will serve as a pretense for further executive overreach and dictatorial gun control mandates. This is made abundantly clear by the fact that this over-hyped “loophole” is in fact imaginary.

But the gun show loophole does not exist,” writes The Daily Wire’s Aaron Bandler. “The LA Times basically admits that in their report, as they write, ‘Federal law requires gun stores and other regular sellers to get federal licenses and conduct background checks. But the law offers an exemption to hobbyists, collectors and others who sell guns but are not formally considered to be gun dealers.’"

As Bandler points out, Obama’s executive actions undermine Constitutional safeguards and may even be illegal. “Those ‘complicated legal issues’ would be the Constitution, of course. Article II, Section 3 of the Constitution makes it very clear that the role of the president is to ‘take care that the laws be faithfully executed,’ not to rewrite laws. Not that the law matters to Obama.”

President Obama is effectively exploiting the tragedy of the San Bernardino Islamic terrorist attack to impose his gun control agenda on the nation, even if that means dismantling the enshrined principle of checks and balances in the process.


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