CNN Tries To Conduct Online Trump-Hater Poll, But Turns Out To Be Landslide Of Support For President

CNN has been on a 24/7 mission to knock President Trump out of office -- or, failing that, discredit him with whatever it can.

How bad is it? On Saturday, CNN openly sided with Cuba's communist regime as it slammed Trump for rolling back former president Barack Obama's steps to expand relations with Cuba.

So it's must be a real heartbreaker for the bigwigs at CNN to see the network's new poll on Trump.

"Should Trump be investigated for obstruction of justice?" the poll asks (remembering to include a very unflattering picture of the president).

As of Monday morning, 2,698,604 votes had been cast. The verdict: 70.2% said "no," just 29.8% said "yes."

Of course, the results aren't the same as those found conducting a proper poll (CNN notes "This survey is not scientific"). Still, we're 70.2% sure that CNN, having seen the results of its own survey, will stop its witch hunt and go back to simply covering the news.


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