There are some bad hombres out there, but few worse then Donnie Rowe and Ricky Dubose.

Rowe, 43, was convicted of a 2001 armed robbery at a motel in Macon, Georgia. Rowe, covered in tattoos, had two other convictions for burglary, robbery and grand theft auto, so in he was sentenced to life without parole. The judge also found Rowe so dangerous he added an extra five years to the sentence, just to be sure.

Rick Dubose, 23, has even more tattoos, including some on his face. He's a member of an Aryan gang with a lengthy rap sheet. He was sentenced in 2014 to up to 20 years for armed robbery and aggravated assault convictions. Capt. Darren Scarborough of the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office said, "He’s very dangerous and he has nothing to lose and I think he will go down in a blaze of glory."

And the two men are even more dangerous together. The Daily Mail recounts their escape from prison:

The two inmates overpowered and disarmed the guards on a bus about 6:45 a.m. Tuesday as 33 inmates were being driven between prisons, authorities have said. One of them fatally shot both guards, and then they jumped out of the bus and carjacked a driver who happened to pull up behind them on state Highway 16 in Putnam County, southeast of Atlanta, authorities said.

The two inmates then fled in the stolen Honda Civic and drove about 25 miles north to Madison, where they ransacked a home, stealing food and clothes and leaving their prison uniforms behind around 10:30 a.m. Tuesday.

Late Tuesday night, about 12 hours after the home burglary, the pair stole a Ford pickup truck from a rock quarry about 9 miles from the burglarized home when the trail had gone cold.

Both were armed with the guards' 9mm pistols.

But their three-day flight to freedom ended suddenly. While driving on Interstate 24 in Tennessee, the pair shot at sheriff's deputies who chased them, according to the Tennessee Highway Patrol. After crashing the car, the men ran through the woods until they came upon a house.

There, the pair tried to steal a car. But the homeowner saw them and came out with a gun. He and a neighbor held the vicious murderers until police arrived and handcuffed them.

"True bravery is what's caused us to stand before you tonight to talk about a successful capture instead of a tragic incident," Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Director Mark Gwyn said at a news conference. "So I'm totally grateful to everyone involved."

They say "Don't Mess With Texas," but you might not want to mess with a man's car in Tennessee, either.