Trump Supporters Plan Protest at CNN Headquarters Over 'Fake News'

Main Street Patriots, a grassroots group co-founded by on of the founders of the Tea Party, is calling on hundreds of supporters to descend on CNN headquarters in Atlanta to protest the network's "fake news."

"CALLING ALL PATRIOTS** Since President Trump was elected President, fake news media outlets like CNN have thrown objective journalism out the window and have begun to report fake news. They frequently have to retract or change their news stories because they get it so wrong. Time for us to stand up against fake news CNN," the group says in a Facebook post.

"Protest Fake News - CNN - Defend Trump, Defend America -- Bring your signs and let's show CNN that we support Pres. Trump and call them out for becoming an arm of the DNC intent on bringing down President Trump with biased coverage and false innuendos," the site says.

Debbie Dooley, co-founder of Main Street Patriots, told Breitbart News that she hopes protesters will "condemn the extreme biased coverage at CNN.”

Dooley said she hopes the crowd is large enough to surround the building. So far, people from Georgia and neighboring states have signed on to participate, including one man from Pakistan who told Dooley he was having a “fake news” t-shirt made for the protest.

Dooley said:

CNN threw objective journalism out the window once Donald Trump was elected President and have begun to report DNC talking points as news. CNN can no longer claim to be a news organization that reports facts without bias, because they report innuendo with no facts as news with the intent on bringing down a democratically-elected President. They have simply become an entertainment network not to be taken seriously.

“Time for Trump supporters to get active and show the Democrats that we are very passionate about our support of President Trump and we will fight hard to pass his agenda,” the notice of the event states on Main Street Patriots’ website.

The protest is scheduled for Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the CNN headquarters, located at 190 Marietta St. NW, Atlanta, Georgia.

So far, no one has signed up as definitely going, with 117 "interested. Said Larry Butler: "Unfortunately this is the first I've heard of this and it's already the 13th. I believe a lot...very, very many, people would attend something like this if they knew about it and knew about it much earlier. We need a nationally promoted and hyped march on CNN...with thousands upon thousands. I'm going to try to get there, but I"ll have to work around out of state company that we're hosting."

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