Make no mistake, Obamacare is going down (tee hee). One way or another, this fascist federal boondoggle that forces freeborn Americans to purchase a wildly overpriced product from a mega-corporation that most of us do not need, is going down. Good heavens, things are so bad that in just 6 months, 2 million of the 12 million enrolled in Obamacare have fled the program.

Back in January it was announced that 12.2 million had enrolled in Obamacare. The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services announced this week that of that 12.2 million, only 10.3 million are still paying their premiums — which means they are out. How bad can Obamacare be? Wrap your minds around the fact that these 2 million still fled the program even though they are required by federal law (the mandate) to enroll.

Of course they fled. What rationale human being is going to overpay for a terrible product they will never benefit from? Obamacare is terrible because it is insanely expensive and getting more insanely expensive every year. Moreover, as more and more insurers drop out of the exchanges, Obamacare customers are offered fewer and worse choices. They lose their doctors, they lose access to the nearest medical facilities, and so on.

Worse, Obamacare is a product most people will never use and therefore never benefit from. Although the monthly premium is sky-high, the deductibles are too high for the insurance to ever kick in for most people.

Here are some examples…

In my county here in North Carolina, the average monthly premium for a single-adult non-smoker is $452.00. But deductibles can be as high as $4000 to $5000, which means something catastrophic would have to happen before the insurance starts paying for anything, which means you are flushing $5400 a year down the toilet AND paying for whatever health care needs you do have out of your own pocket.

It is cheaper to buy a new car you will never drive.

For families, Obamacare is nothing less than a catastrophic con game, a rip-off, and a wealth redistribution scheme. Unless you qualify for a government handout, a family plan in North Carolina gouges you for $1477 per month! Deductibles are just as high, which means that a small family of four is not only paying $18,000 per year for a product they will never use (unless there is an unforeseen medical catastrophe), but on top of the $18,000, this family is paying most of their medical costs out of pocket.

It is cheaper to buy a new house you will never move into.

Is it any wonder Obamacare is collapsing (tee hee) before our very eyes?

The end of Obamacare will happen in one of two ways…

The total and final collapse of the exchanges is now inevitable. The death spiral is not only real, but as I write these words, it is happening. Due to insanely high premium costs, the healthy are fleeing, which leaves insurers with a bigger pool of the sick, which increases their costs and prices, which forces more healthy people out, which leaves a bigger pool of sick, which increases costs and prices, and so on… Things get to a point where the insurers are losing so much money they bail.

Because of this, already there are countless counties in America where Obamacare customers have access to only one insurance provider or no insurance provider.

How big of a boondoggle is Barrycare? Even though the government forces its citizens to buy their product, insurers are still losing money. Barrycare is so big of a boondoggle, it is killing competition in America. In AMERICA!

The other way Obamacare goes down is thanks to President Trump. As of now, it looks as though Obamacare is going to get got in the most responsible way, which is through legislation. Despite the best efforts of our fake news media and their allies in the Democrat Party, despite their RussiaGate hoax, the Senate appears to be preparing the passage of its own repeal and replace package. The House has already passed its own version, so all that will remain is the reconciliation of the two.

Whatever the eventual bill looks like, if this happens, President Trump will have kept one of his biggest promises and, within the first year of his presidency, secured a substantial legacy by saving America from Barry's un-American fascism.

Tee hee.

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