This Democratic Senator Says We Should Investigate Loretta Lynch For Interfering In The Hillary Investigation

One of the most stunning revelations of James Comey's testimony last week was his comment that he found former Attorney General Loretta Lynch's commentary on Hillary Clinton's email investigation problematic. Rather than referring to the investigation as such, Lynch compelled Comey to call it a "matter," effectively minimizing the significance of the situation.

Here is what Comey said, verbatim:

At one point, the Attorney General [Lynch] told me not to call it an investigation but instead to call it a 'matter,' which confused and concerned me. But that was one of the bricks in the load that led me to conclude I have to step away from the [Justice] Department if we're to close this case credibly.

In light of this information, Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), a staunch Clinton supporter who defended her during the email investigation, spoke to CNN's Brianna Keilar, stating that Lynch ought to be investigated as to whether Comey's contentions were accurate. Here is the transcript of the conversation:

KEILAR: Comey said that Lynch -- the request gave him a queasy feeling. He felt clearly that Loretta Lynch was giving cover to the Clinton campaign. Was she?

FEINSTEIN: I can't answer that. I would have a queasy feeling, too, though, to be candid with you. I think we need to know more about that. And there's only one way to know about it, and that's to have the Judiciary Committee take a look at that.

Feinstein represents one of the few Democrats who seems committed to holding Lynch to the same standard that she holds for the accusations of Russian interference in the 2016 election. The same cannot be said for many other Democrats. As Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro wrote earlier today:

[W]hile Democrats chide Republicans for their willingness to ignore supposed obstruction by Trump, they’re ignoring activity at least as nefarious from Lynch — and Comey. Because here’s the problem. If Lynch’s defense to obstruction is that there was no pending proceeding thanks to Comey, and Comey has said he felt pressure from Lynch to change his practice on the case and then dumped the proceeding, isn’t that at least as bad as what happened with Trump?

Watch Feinstein's comments on CNN below:

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