Donald Trump Jr. Contradicts His Father On Key Part Of Comey Testimony

On Saturday, Donald Trump Jr. appeared on Fox News' Justice with Jeanine Pirro, and said something rather curious.

Speaking to Pirro about former FBI Director James Comey's recent testimony before the Senate, Trump Jr. said:

[We] were vindicated, I mean, totally ... Listen, I think it's clear that everything that went on in the Comey testimony was basically ridiculous. They're saying: "He never asked me to stop a Russia investigation."

When I hear the Flynn comments. You and I both know my father a long time. When he tells you to do something — guess what? — there's no ambiguity in it. There's no: "Hey, I'm hoping. You and I are friends. Hey, I hope this happens, but you gotta do your job."

That's what he told Comey ...

Shortly after the Comey testimony, President Trump's attorney, Marc Kasowitz, stated: "... the president never suggested that Mr. Comey quote, let Flynn go, close quote."

Also, Trump himself had the following exchange with ABC News' Jonathan Karl on Thursday:

KARL: "Mr. President, I want to get back to James Comey's testimony. You suggested he didn't tell the truth in everything he said. He did say under oath that you told him to let the Flynn — you said you hoped the Flynn investigation he could let go."

TRUMP: "I didn't say that."

KARL: "So he lied about that?"

TRUMP: "Well, I didn't say that. I mean, I will tell you I didn't say that."

James Comey says the president suggested he let the Flynn investigation go; President Trump claims he never said such a thing; Donald Trump Jr. alleges that the president told Comey he hoped the FBI Director could let the probe go, but he didn't demand it.

Someone is lying.

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