NSA Leaker Reality Winner: I'll Play The 'Pretty, White And Cute' Card To Avoid Jail Time

The 25-year-old former government contractor charged with leaking classified information from the National Security Agency (NSA), Reality Leigh Winner, says she plans on playing up the "pretty, white and cute" card with the hope of avoiding jail time.

On Thursday, Assistant U.S. Attorney Jennifer Solari revealed in an Atlanta, Georgia court that Winner told her sister via a jailhouse phone: “I’m going to play that card being pretty, white and cute, braid my hair and cry and all."

As noted by The Daily Caller, Solari also claimed that "Winner told her mother that she wanted her to tell the media that she was afraid for her life."

“Play up that angle,” the 25-year-old said to her mother, during a jailhouse conversation.

Winner, a former U.S. Air Force linguist, was arrested on Saturday for leaking classified information from the NSA to a reporter from The Intercept. "The charges against Winner include leaking a classified NSA report on a Russian military intelligence-initiated cyber-attack on a U.S. voting software supplier, and sending malware emails to over a hundred election officials, which did not result in any actual 'hacking of the vote,'" notes Daily Wire's James Barrett.

As exposed through her social media accounts, Winner is an apparent radical Bernie Sanders-supporting, Trump-hating leftist with sympathies for the Iranian government. She also just so happens to have an anti-white bias, once tweeting that "being white is terrorism."

One would would think this racist view would complicate Winner's strategy in avoiding jail time, but, then again, leftists are known for their hypocrisy, so she's in the clear.

But in all seriousness, Winner should give up the Pretty, White and Cute Card in exchange for the Transgender Card. If Winner really wants to avoid jail time, she should take a cue from American traitor Chelsea Manning, a free lauded LGBTQKEMSMDL hero.


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