The streets in Washington, D.C. were abuzz with excitement in the hours before former FBI Director James Comey walked into the Senate Intelligence Committee's hearing room at 10 a.m. on Thursday.

Even though it was way too early for a drink — and a school day to boot — young politicos across the city lined up to pack into trendy nightspots to knock back a few and enjoy The Jim Comey Show.

It turned funereal fast.

Every seat was taken at the Union Pub in D.C., Reuters reported, but the funfest petered out quickly.

"The pub had promised to buy patrons a round of drinks every time Trump, a prolific Twitter user, tweeted during Comey's testimony — but drinkers were out of luck. The president did not launch a single public retort during the hearing," Reuters said.

Sadness ensued. And memes were born.

Then it got worse. The hearing revealed that (1) Trump is not now, nor has he ever been, under investigation by the FBI; (2) President Obama's attorney general, Loretta Lynch, told Comey not to call the probe into Hillary Clinton's endless scandals an "investigation," but rather a "matter"; and (3) Comey himself leaked his own "diary" memo about meetings with Trump, giving them to a friend to pass to the media.

Well, that'll put a turd in your a.m. ale.

Pictures of the "parties" didn't look so festive.

Perusing all the snapshots that come up on a Google search, there were a lot of crossed arms and a lot of this:

And some people suddenly turned to their phones in search of something interesting.

Like a baseball game when the visiting team jacks up an 8-run lead, we're guessing the bars started to empty out early, even with much more to go in the Comey show. Our guess is that there were a lot of snowflakes balled up in the fetal position on their futons by noon.

With any luck, they won't remember this morning what a disastrous day yesterday was.