What The Heck? Harvard Law School Appoints Conservative Dean

In a shocking turn of events, Harvard law school has appointed a conservative as its new dean. On July 1, John Manning, who joined the faculty in 2004, will become the school’s dean; his history would have suggested he had no chance for the job.

Manning has served two stints at the Justice Department and clerked for the late Justice Antonin Scalia and the legendary conservative Judge Robert Bork on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals. Manning was the deputy dean, but the deans of the school have been leftists for years, most recently Elena Kagan who later was picked for the Supreme Court.

Manning has argued nine cases before the Supreme Court, and is the co-editor of Hart & Wechsler’s Federal Courts and the Federal System with Richard Fallon, Daniel Meltzer, and David Shapiro, and Legislation and Regulation with Matthew Stephenson.

Previous deans include Derek Bok (1968-1971) who thought it was government’s job to spread happiness, and James Vorenberg (1981-1989) who assisted Archibald Cox in the prosecution of the Watergate scandal.

For an illustration of how far-left Harvard Law School has become in recent years, see here.

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