Washington, D.C. Bars Will Be Broadcasting Comey Hearing

In case you were wondering how much of the Washington D.C. crowd is vitally interested in former FBI Director James Comey’s testimony before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Thursday, let’s just say that they are partying a little earlier in the day than usual.

The abundant evidence for that lies in the fact that bars are opening earlier on Thursday to show the hearings, allowing the inebriated citizens to liquor up as they watch Comey’s testimony. Some bars are making no secret of the fact of which side they’re on regarding Comey’s confrontation with President Trump.

For example, a bar called The Partisan is opening at 10 am., featuring cocktails including The Last Word and Drop The Bomb. Another bar, Duffy’s Irish Pub, is opening at 10 a.m. watching what they call “The Comey Show,” while offering the “Covfefe cocktail,” “which is like drinking the Kool-Aid but only a small group of people know what’s in it.”

At Shaw’s Tavern, where they hope to grab earlier traffic, opening at 9:30, they are offering the “FBI Breakfast,” with French toast, bacon, and ice cream. A bar called the Capital Lounge is opening at 10 a.m.

As Roll Call reported in December 2015, Washington staffers are quite comfortable with alcohol:

According to a survey of congressional staff, nearly half, or 47 percent, of staffers attend social events for work either once or twice a week. Those events are predominantly serving alcoholic beverages. Perhaps that helped lead to data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that shows the District of Columbia with a slightly higher percentage of adult binge drinkers (22 percent) as compared to the national average of 16 percent.


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