Desperate New York Daily News Goes Out of Its Mind Over Trump

The New York Daily News, one of Real Clear Politics' "Top Ten Newspapers in Trouble," has taken its bordering-on-parody publication to the edge and beyond over the last few weeks with its hysterical leftist positions. It's latest anti-Donald Trump piece includes an image of the Republican presidential candidate as a jihadist beheading Lady Liberty and compares him at length to the Nazis.

As The Daily Wire has chronicled, the covers of the struggling paper (its readership having plummeted in recent years) have continued to one-up each other in their extremist positions on religious faith and gun control in the wake of the San Bernardino attack by two Islamic radicals. The paper's deplorable headline the day after the attack that left 14 dead and 17 injured, which mocked people who prayed for the victims, was only surpassed by its headline the next day, which tried to downplay the role of radical Islam in the attack and accused NRA President Wayne La Pierre of being a "terrorist."

The front page of the paper's Wednesday issue features a cartoon depicting Trump holding a curved Arabian-style sword and holding the severed head of the Statue of Liberty. Above is a caption containing a version of the famous poem "First They Came" about the rise of the Nazis.

"When Trump came for the Mexicans, I did not speak out as I was not a Mexican. When Trump came for the Muslims, I did not speak out as I was not a Muslim. Then he came for me …" it reads.

The cover is followed by an article by guest columnist Max Paul Friedman that openly compares Trump to further compares Trump to the Nazis, with whom Friedman says "there are discomfiting echoes." The American University historian goes on to detail some of the policies implemented by the Nazis, though he notes that "Trump has not proposed any of these restrictions," but points to the Muslim database (which has been misreported) and "effectively" denying citizenship to U.S. Muslims traveling abroad (which Trump has explained is not part of his proposal) as Nazi-like actions. "Like Jews in Germany, they would be rendered stateless," said Friedman.

Here's an excerpt of RCP's breakdown of the NY Daily News' struggles (coming in at number 10 of its "Top Ten Newspapers in Trouble"):

Circulation: 632,595 (10% Decline Since 2007)
Sunday Circulation: 674,104 (4% decrease since 2007)

The New York Times may be constantly in the news with all its financial woes, but its two tabloid rivals are the ones facing imminent threat of closing down. The more sensational Post probably will survive a bit longer because of Rupert Murdoch's deep pockets, whereas the Daily News may have more trouble riding out the current economic downturn. Its owner Mort Zuckerman just stopped printing his weekly magazine US News & World Report, making it an online-only entity. And with his real estate business taking a beating, Zuckerman may not be able to continue subsidizing the money-losing Daily News

Here are the paper's front pages from last week:

H/t TheWrap.

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