Shapiro Blasts Sally Kohn's Insistence That PC Will Defeat Terrorism

On Sunday, CNN commentator Sally Kohn offered her usual dose of idiocy regarding Islamic terrorism, suggesting after the terror attack in London on Saturday that the antidote for terrorism was simple political correctness:

Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro had a typically blunt response to Kohn's pie-in-the sky perspective on pure evil:

Kohn wasn't finished, continuing with a series of tweets attempting to buttress her lame position. First, she referenced the Oregon attack in which a white supremacist knifed and murdered two men defending two young Muslim girls:

Then she segued to the Manchester massacre:

Then back to the PC bandwagon:

Shapiro fired back:

Kohn continued:

Then on to gumdrops and lollipops:

Kohn had a supporter who tried to challenge Shapiro:

Prompting this shut-down:

Yup, just love those terrorists with everything you've got, make sure you're tolerant and treat them as equals.

Then watch them murder you.


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