Ted Cruz OWNS Idiotic Harvard Professor's Thesis On How America Was Created

Following President Trump's decision to withdraw from the Paris Accords, Harvard Professor Joyce Chaplin, who chairs the American Studies Department, argued that the United States betrayed the international community that created America back in 1783.

The tweet received significant backlash from conservatives and legal scholars. United States Senator and conservative warrior Ted Cruz (R-TX) took Chaplin to task for her revisionist history.

Cruz is correct. The United States became a nation following the signing of the Declaration of Independence, which announced its separation from Great Britain and created an independent nation-state according to Westphalian standards of international law. Chaplin responded to Cruz's rebuttal by essentially making up international law and the standards for determining statehood.

Cruz continued his initial argument by denouncing Chaplin's assertion that the international community created the United States by reminding her that it was founded by individuals and courageous leaders who risked their lives for the promise of freedom and liberty. A graduate of Harvard Law School, he also lamented that his alma mater turned into a festering hive of leftist group think that divorces itself from historical reality.

Furthermore, Cruz explained that the Treaty of Paris in 1783 did not create the United States but rather reaffirmed the Declaration of Independence seven years earlier, ended the Revolutionary War, and forced Great Britain to recognize the nation as no longer being part of its empire.

If only more professors at Harvard possessed the same intellectual honesty and understanding of history as Ted Cruz, then Harvard would not continue to lose its credibility in the face of leftist insanity.

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