The Cloud of Stupid permanently surrounding The View round table turned especially opaque on Thursday morning when the feminists discussed the potential rollback of the Obamacare contraception mandate. As all the women breathlessly whined about the serious undoing of women's rights (not true), Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg decided to turn up the hysteria to 11 with none other than Taliban comparisons.

More specifically, the women argued that if you're not in favor of religious people, like charitable nuns for example, violating their religious precepts by the force of the federal government to pay for birth control, there's no difference between you and the Taliban.


For reference, a leaked draft of a regulation allegedly composed by the Trump team stated that the administration would pull back the Obamacare mandate which otherwise requires employers to foot the bill for their employees' contraception, including sterilization and the morning-after pill. Under the outlined regulation, any employer would now be allowed to request exemption from the mandate for moral or religious reasons. The Obama mandate has only one carve-out: houses of worship.

Mind you, inexpensive birth control remains prevalent just about everywhere; Trump did not order birth control in all its forms to be taken off the shelves, nor did he forbid women from premarital sex. I know the media might have told you otherwise.

Still, the women of The View were infuriated by the report.

"How about this," said an irritated Goldberg. "Do what you need to do for your family. Let me do what I need to do for mine, and we’ll all be fine. I don’t understand."

"They don’t mind their own business," chimed in Behar, before adding, "It’s religion."

Jedediah Bila, the token "conservative" on the panel, butted in: "Yeah, but you can’t hide behind religion to restrict other people’s rights."

Quick aside: free birth control is not a right, nor is it free, actually.

"Well they do," screamed Behar.

Then came the first Taliban reference: "How is it different from the Taliban? I’d like to know," said Behar.

"I just feel that you have to—at some point, you have to take responsibility for your life," said Goldberg, unwittingly making the case for conservative policies. "And a lot of people are saying, this is what I need, and you’re saying it doesn’t matter what you need, I want you to believe how I believe."

"I’m going to say it again," she continued. "I said this before. With all these rollbacks and what we hear, what’s the difference between us and the people we’re fighting?"

"Nothing," Behar quickly answered.

"That’s what I’m saying," continued Behar. "It’s to keep women down also. Let’s not forget one of the reasons they do this is to keep women in their place—barefoot and pregnant."

That's right folks, unless the Little Sisters of the Poor are paying for your morning-after pill, we're basically living under the Taliban, a group of violent radical Islamist thugs who shoot little girls in the head for going to school.

Same difference, amirite?