HOW BRAVE: Sarah Silverman Mocks Jesus, Republicans In Netflix Promo

The bravery of alleged comedian Sarah Silverman is unparalleled.

In a promo video for her new Netflix special called A Speck of Dust, Silverman pushes the envelope by taking aim at intolerant liberals and Sharia law.

Just kidding, she mocks Republicans and Christianity, just like every other abortion-worshiping, soulless ghoul in Hollywood because conformity is edgy, or something.

In the promo, Silverman has an actor playing a Republican Congressman by the name "Tom Virtue" (so clever) look into the camera and explain that the comedienne has left behind her vulgar ways for a wholesome approach. After he gives his speech, Silverman edits the monologue to make it sound as though the "Republican" is talking sex, promoting abortion and mocking Jesus, among other things.

Did a 12-year-old write this sketch?

“This is not the inappropriate Sarah Silverman of recent times,” says "Congressman Virtue" pre-edit, “but a wholesome comedy special about family. Sarah’s days of blue humor and politics meddling are over. That ship has sailed, as she’s had a true come to Jesus moment and is writing clean material that the whole family can enjoy. ...We are one nation under God.”

Silverman is then seen hard at work editing the speech before playing back the dirty remake.

“It’s perfect,” she says.


Watch with caution:

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