Over the weekend the left-wing New York Times did something that resembled actual journalism. Not only did the Times notice that New York City Mayor de Blasio had, over his short two-plus years in office, lost an inordinate number of female employees, the Times actually dared to find out why.

"The gender imbalance of the departures has raised questions," the Times writes, "as to why so many women, including many who are black or Hispanic, have jumped ship on a mayor seen as welcoming to women and minorities.”

The answer will surprise no one who has ever had the displeasure of dealing with someone who sees himself as a Champion Of The Little Guy. Is it any surprise that a "male feminist" tolerates a workplace environment described as "directly hostile to women"?

[H]e often lectures his staff during meetings in what people describe as a condescending tone, and he is known for berating or belittling subordinates in front of others or shooting off emails criticizing them in brusque terms. …

But some found the work environment at City Hall directly hostile to women.

“I just found it to be a totally inhospitable workplace,” said Lindsay Scola, Mr. de Blasio’s former scheduler, who had previously worked with the former first lady, Michelle Obama, and the Energy Department.

Ms. Scola and two other women recounted repeated instances where they felt they were marginalized or talked down to by a male colleague, because they were women. Ms. Scola said she was once told that her “job was to hold time on the Outlook calendar and nothing else, like I was a little girl.”

Ms. Scola said that the mayor was aware of the behavior and “knowingly tolerated it.”

Bill de Blasio is of course a hard-left Democrat, an extremist really, who regularly puffs out his chest in support of women and the little guy, even as he crushes all their hopes and dreams under onerous taxes and regulations in exchange for government dependence.

Nevertheless, this news is not a shocker. Champions of the Little Guy, most especially those on the left, are almost always compensating for the fact that they are, in reality, massive jerks who privately treat the little guy (or gal) like garbage.

Another tell is the complaint that de Blasio uses a "condescending tone" towards his employees.

Well, of course he does. All leftists see themselves as supremacists, as superior to everyone else -- see themselves as absolutely necessary in the running, regulating, organizing and nanny-stating of our lives. This instinct does not come from a good place. It is just a form of tyranny disguised as benevolence.

To men like de Blasio, the everyday American is nothing more than a helpless, stupid child -- someone his superior intellect must suffer and tolerate. All that "looking out for the little guy" stuff is nothing more than a phony sheen of compassion used to hide a despot's dangerous megalomania.

The true character of a man is revealed when he thinks no one is watching. Thankfully, the New York Times was watching.

Hat tip: Hot Air.

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