What The 'Covfefe' Happened While We Were Sleeping?!

It's early, so grab a cup of coffee and we'll get you up to speed. President Trump, night owl and late-night tweeter, sent out a misspelled missive just after midnight. Here is what it said: "Despite the constant negative press covfefe" -- no period, just that.

Now, obviously (at least to anyone who tweets from time to time), Trump was typing along, got his thumbs crossed up and -- in a last snafu -- accidentally hit "tweet." He eventually deleted the tweet, but does that make a difference in today's mile-a-minute world? No. No it does not.

Trump knew his critics were going to have a field day (the Washington Post just yesterday wrote a story that he likes to have graphics and pictures in his daily intelligence briefing, 'cuz, you know, he's stupid and can't read). So early this morning, he tweeted out this message:

And a field day they did have.

Man, you sure got that right, Kimmel.

Aaron Craig went classy with Clooney.

Jimmy K reached back with an Airplane reference.

Fusion asked the all-important question: How do you pronounce "covfefe"? (Cov - FEE - fee had a slight lead in the survey.)

But, of course, liberals can't have a litte light-hearted fun at a typo, so the tweets turned ugly fast.

But Merriam-Webster, the dictionary company, summed up what everyone is right now feeling:

Ok, that's enough covfefing for now. Time to scarf down a toasted covfefe and get your covfefe to work!


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