In a deleted tweet-storm captured by New York Post's Brooke Rogers, Vox editor, columnist, and Idiot-in-Chief Matt Yglesias wrote about an encounter he had with various Trump supporters in Washington, D.C.. Here is what the thread said:

[I] was walking on the [National] Mall today with [his son] Jose when I saw a bunch of older white dudes in Make America Great Again caps heading our way. I was kind of dreading the moment our paths would cross, but they turned out to be nice and were incredibly sweet to my raucous toddler. [It] goes to show that outside politics there's a lot of basic good human decency out there.

This alone would have been perfect in demonstrating that politics aside, Americans are still capable of being cordial with one another and treating with others with respect. However, Matt Yglesias had to be Matt Yglesias; he finished his tweet-storm with the following:

Yet at the end of the day, they're part of a political movement that's dedicated to destroying the future of this country. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

According to Yglesias, being a progressive hack is more important than teaching others, including your own son, how to be a respectable human being. Way to go, Matt. You are part of the problem.

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