The leftist ingrates at Vox published an article that criticized the United States Marine Corps on Memorial Day, accusing the Corps of having a "toxic masculinity" problem. The article, written by Alex Ward, attempts to create the narrative that the Marines need to change their attitude and their image following the deplorable nude photo-sharing scandal.

Ward argues that in order to fix its image as a hive of "toxic masculinity," the Marines should do more to incorporate women into combat roles. Never mind that studies have shown that women are not as qualified as men to undertake the physical burdens necessary to join the Marines. According to Ward, this change is necessary to change the image of the Marines and other military branches.

On all of the days to write a leftist hit piece on the United States Marine Corps, Vox believed that Memorial Day would be the best time to reinvigorate outrage at one of the finest fighting units that the United States and the world has ever seen. On the day that most Americans unite to honor the selfless sacrifice of millions of brave men and women, Vox sought to demonize the Marine Corps as a sexist entity that refuses to comply to the demands of the leftist elite who more than likely never wore an Armed Forces uniform and risked their lives for our freedom. While widows and children visit the graves of their loved ones who died fighting radical Islam, communism, or fascism, Alex Ward and his comrades at Vox sit atop their figurative high horse attempting to lecture those tasked with protecting our country about honor and virtue.

More than 1.1 million American men and women have sacrificed themselves to defend the United States from the Revolutionary War until the current wars in the Middle East. Out of those 1.1 million, more than 40,000 of those fallen warriors belonged to the United States Marine Corps. One of those men was Gunnery Sergeant John Basilone. He earned the Medal of Honor during the Battle of Guadalcanal for actions on October 24-25, 1942. His citation reads as follows:

For extraordinary heroism and conspicuous gallantry in action against enemy Japanese forces, above and beyond the call of duty, while serving with the 1st Battalion, 7th Marines, 1st Marine Division in the Lunga Area. Guadalcanal, Solomon Islands, on 24 and 25 October 1942. While the enemy was hammering at the Marines' defensive positions, Sgt. Basilone, in charge of 2 sections of heavy machine guns, fought valiantly to check the savage and determined assault. In a fierce frontal attack with the Japanese blasting his guns with grenades and mortar fire, one of Sgt. Basilone's sections, with its guncrews, was put out of action, leaving only 2 men able to carry on. Moving an extra gun into position, he placed it in action, then, under continual fire, repaired another and personally manned it, gallantly holding his line until replacements arrived. A little later, with ammunition critically low and the supply lines cut off, Sgt. Basilone, at great risk of his life and in the face of continued enemy attack, battled his way through hostile lines with urgently needed shells for his gunners, thereby contributing in large measure to the virtual annihilation of a Japanese regiment. His great personal valor and courageous initiative were in keeping with the highest traditions of the U.S. Naval Service.

Basilone could have spent the rest of World War II raising money for war bonds, never seeing the battlefield again. Instead, Basilone decided to continue fighting for freedom. In his first dose of combat since receiving the Medal of Honor, he was killed in action on the black sands on Iwo Jima on February 19, 1945.

According to Alex Ward and Vox, Basilone and tens of thousands more selfless patriots buried around the globe are the embodiment of "toxic masculinity." If being a selfless warrior who wishes to risk his or her life for the defense of the United States possessing no hesitation to destroy the enemies of freedom constitutes "toxic masculinity," then I would rather have a Marine Corps that is battle-ready, physically prepared, and mentally capable of enduring the fog of war than any pie-in-the-sky liberal fantasy that sacrifices combat efficiency for the sake of political correctness.

Shame on you for having the audacity to slander these fine warriors on Memorial Day.

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