Trump to MSNBC: 'The Muslim Community Is Not Reporting What's Going On'

Donald Trump told MSNBC on Tuesday that Muslims in America “aren’t helping” authorities combat domestically-cultivated Islamic terrorism. Calling in to speak with Morning Joe, Trump told Joe Scarborough, “I want (Muslims in America) to be on our side, I hope they are on our side." Referring to last week’s Islamic terrorist attack in San Bernardino, CA, he asserted that those close to Syed Farook and Tashfeen Malik - including family and friends - had advance knowledge of the threat they posed and refused to contact authorities.

Asked by Mika Brzezinski about engaging the “Muslim community”, Trump said, “I would want to engage the Muslim community, but the Muslim community has to help us, Mika, they’re not helping us. The Muslim community is not reporting what’s going on. They should be reporting that their next door neighbor is making pipe bombs.”

Trump explained his views of the responsibilities of Muslims in America with knowledge of threats from potential Islamic terrorists, saying, “The Muslim community has to help us, because without the Muslim community we would have to get very tough, and much tougher, and I don’t wanna do that. But the Muslim community, it’s not a one way street, the Muslim community knew that this guy, what he was doing, and his wife, his very heavily radicalized wife, they knew what they were doing was wrong. Nobody called the police. Nobody said this is what happened.”

Trump’s statement echoes an interview conducted yesterday by Breitbart News Daily with a former FBI counterterrorism agent, asserting that since 9/11, “we have effectively received zero help from the Muslim community.” Also asserted is that “major Islamic organizations” across America put their efforts towards harming national security measures in the realm of counterterrorism, rather than cooperation with authorities. As an example, organizations like the Council on American-Islamic Relations - ostensibly a group defending civil liberties - obfuscate the overlap between Islamic terrorism, Islam, and Muslims.

Pushing back against what he said was an unfair generalization of Muslims, Scarborough invited Trump to join him in meeting Muslims in America, asking, “What if you and I go to an Islamic center in Washington, D.C.? Or New York City?”

Scarborough described Trump’s proposal to ban Muslim entry into the U.S. as “counterproductive and unconstitutional” - despite its not being unconstitutional with respect to immigration - and likened the broad measure as akin to the TSA’s searching of 7-year-old children.

Trump warned of “radicalized” Islamic neighborhoods in Paris and other cities in Europe as coming to America in the absence of his leadership. Scarborough scoffed at the assertion of the existence of such zones, parroting the denial of their existence that has gone on for years in left-wing media.

If his warnings aren’t heeded, Trump warned, “you are going to have other world trade centers, you are going to have other cities being blown up.”


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